Hello GIRLS! I wanted to meet You with  Jamman Jewels  shop! You are tired of searching cool...

Hello GIRLS!
I wanted to meet You with Jamman Jewels shop!

You are tired of searching cool nails on SL? You can't decide how long they should be or what color? 
Well, I have good news for You all.
This nails are so easy to use! Huge choice in easy HUD system with 800 colors/patterns!
I am in LOVE.
You can also hide HUD on your ecran and open it by clicking on small icon - use it wherever you want!
These 6 shapes - include cat and snake shape! 
This system also allows you to mix different colors on different fingers. 
Nothing more to say my ladies. You just need to have them! :) 

Check it out now at marketplace!

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