CLOTHES:  shirt: tee*fy for  Collaboration 88 pants: fashionably dead for  Collaboration 88 tights:  Izzie's   socks: Mait...

shirt: tee*fy for Collaboration 88
pants: fashionably dead for Collaboration 88
tights: Izzie's 
socks: Maitreya
sneakers: 2REAL

skin: essences for The Big Boobies Show Fair
hair: Eaters Coma
eyes: IKON
shape (new line soon): Just Magnetized

necklace & earrings & ring: Maxi Gossamer  for Collaboration 88
bag & glasses & watch:  [DDL]
phone: [ Z U L U ]
bracelet: Shade Throne

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2 komentarze

  1. Perfect styling! I love how every color she is wearing has an accent somewhere yet it does not make the outfit loud or overwhelming! Well done!

  2. tysm Serenity I aperaciate every word~~


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