CLOTHES:  sweatshirt   new! :  Villena    for:    Collabor 88     |  leggins   new! :   Sabotage    |   sneakers:   2real BODY: ...

sweatshirt  new!Villena  for:   Collabor 88    |  leggins  new!:  Sabotage    |   sneakers:  2real

skin  new!:  The shops  |  hands & feets:  SLink   |  hair  new!  iLLMATIC   |  eyes: .id.   |    lashes:  Maxi Gossamer  

  eye make up & lipstick:  The shops

  cap  new![DDL]   |   necklace & earrings &  bracelet:  Gabriel   |  l.hand ring: tea.s   |  r.hand ring:   Ryca    |  watch:  Mandala

 beer pong table -  floorplan.  for  The Mens Depth

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2 komentarze

  1. I can't find this hair :( please can you give me a link to go directly in inworld? I was at iLLMATIC store but is not there ,hugs and i love all your posts,i check them everyday !

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