Is it time for the update? Many of you keeps sending me an IMs about Fiore and Lelutka bento updates. Appliers, appliers, appliers!...

Is it time for the update?
Many of you keeps sending me an IMs about Fiore and Lelutka bento updates.
Appliers, appliers, appliers!
As I know, Fiore prepared special scripts an UV map for scalp (haribases) which takes a bit bigger part of forehead and cheeks - so I have to remake my things a bit then make HUDs again... If everything will be fine - Yes, I'll do that after new year.
No idea about other things like brows or lipsticks, I hope that Sanya can do update of UV map in this case as well ;)
Lelutka. Well, at their page I learned that new Simone head is compatible with Omega appliers - and all works fine if you have it.
You can apply all of my cosmetics at the same time, just please learn how to click OMEGA hud parts to apply just one part now whole face - as I said below my omega scripts are set for selected laters only, not whole head, just click it right!
My guess is that in spite of the Omega there will be still a conflict about which parts are applied when You use Omega.
Hasten the explanation:
I did Omega appliers in view of Logo And Catwa.
Catwa needs scalp, and blush part (which takes forehead area).
My Omega appliers are set as scalp & forehead & blush/cheek area appliers.
Please have in mind that when u do apply Omega - it can take off rest of things which you have on - like freckles.
For now (22.12) only BENTO version from Catwa includes 2 layers of area, so u can apply my base and freckles at the same time.
And seriously, God bless that someone made Omega time ago..
*wipes her forehead with sweat*
Can anyone advice me how works Genesis bento head? Does it have same UV maps as classic avatar?
And how about AK, heads? Anyone tested my appliers on it already? - Once customer said me that she can't tint hairbase cause designer did no tinting hud (really?).
Is there any head I should know/check more?
It is difficult to keep up alone with all the updates, so please bear with me and give time (especial now, Christmas, New Year). I'll be also very grateful for any informations about updates, news, etc. Feel free to send me IM or notecard.
I advise everyone to be patient, give also time to heads designers , who are trying to catch up with one another and make You all happy.
Last very important fact: my appliers are working well, I do not refund costs for purchasing them. In case of any problems please send direct msg to designers and their managers.
Much love,

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