Just Magnetized - Couture Highlighter @ ACCESS Event 
We know how difficult it is to combine applier layers, how single or double layers limit our capabilities.
This time I'm trying to make Your life easier - combining carefully selected tones of bronzer, highlighter and freckles! 💗
There are 4 shades of each combination in the package
- Highlighter
- Highlighter + Bronzer
- Highlighter + Bronzer + Freckles
- Highlighter + Freckles
(Each shaded according to the tone of the skin)
Apliers fits perfectly with many tones of skins.
Remember about blending / opacity sliders from head HUD.
You can set the lighter layer visibility.
Layers can also be colored - by the same way (mesh head HUD) - properly for your skin. 😍
Before buying, do not hesitate to test the DEMO version.
You can check every tone in the version Higlighter + Freckles - to check if applier will match your skin..
I hope that this product will give you as much joy as it gave to me! 🙌
On the occasion of the 1st Birthday 🎂🎉 of Access Event - in the box under the product vendor you will find a small gift 🎁 - perfectly winged eyeliner for your beautiful eyes in the form of Omega Applier.
Thank you to all my loyal customers, I hope that I meet your expectations with every new product! 

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