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I would like to announce our new Charity event The Children of the Wold project for this year 2016,starting the 25th feb till 1rst of March for children in Yemen. In November 2014 was held a similar event for children in Syria and was a huge success helping us to raise money for the children in Syria and Iraq,those children and families, their communities and schools have that been torn apart by war. Due to the urgently this year and sadly more children and their families are dying in the injustice of the wars or trying to reach Europe to find a better life, drowning on our seas 
Emotikon frown
 , just last 2 weeks more than 1500 people had dying on Europe Doors.

So this is a call for help, we looking for creators, djs, bloggers to make something special for our Music-Fashion charity event this year, anything that can be sold..anything that will be able to help them,100% of profits will be send on benefit of 

(everything legally with paper as our last event) , we are looking from photographers, designer, bloggers,life musicians, djs...all can help, everyone can, volunteers to spread the event in sl world, to raise the voice together to help. Please if you are able to help in any way please im anyone of our staff, me (Alba) Asuquitar Resident, jj420 or Drushila resident
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